Thursday, February 25, 2016

Group Vacation Planning Made Easy

Group vacations can be challenging to plan. Often, the group appoints one friend or family member to choose a vacation rental, book the reservation and organize everyone’s payments. It’s a big responsibility, and one that can get the planner in trouble if something goes wrong.   

Vanessa Walker and Vera Stanton, pictured here, have a better way: they’ve created their own travel club, called Just Doing It Our Way, for their group of nine first cousins who travel together. Vanessa serves as the club president, and Vera is the treasurer. We recently met the cousins at the Travel and Adventure Show in Washington, DC and were very impressed by their ingenuity!

After the group decides on a budget, each club member contributes his or her share to a bank account in the club’s name. This way, all the funds are ready to go before they book their vacation rental, and they can pay for the reservation in one fell swoop. 

They choose destinations as a group, too. Each member contributes a destination preference to the kitty, and they draw two choices from the entries: a primary destination, plus a backup they use if the primary destination proves unworkable. 

According to the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA), the kind of travel Vanessa, Vera and their cousins enjoy is gaining in popularity. Referred to as “togethering” in the vacation rental industry, family groups, often consisting of multiple generations, frequently prefer vacation rentals over hotels because they enjoy the privacy and convenience of vacationing together under the same roof.

Whereas the Just Doing It Our Way group consists of experienced group travelers, families considering togethering for the first time should ensure compatibility before booking their vacation rental by scheduling a shorter jaunt as a trial run, Parents magazine suggests. Parents also recommends choosing destinations based on distance from each family member and doing some research ahead of time to find group discounts on amusements, entertainment and sightseeing venues.

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