Friday, April 29, 2016

Vacation Rental Packing Tips

Packing for a hotel stay is easy, because limited space means you have to stick with essentials. That's not the case when you vacation in a rental property. Larger living areas, multiple bedrooms and a full kitchen allow you to bring everything you need to make your stay homelike and comfortable. 

While all that space gives you lots of flexibility, avoid the temptation to overpack. Keeping it simple makes it easier to prepare for your vacation and settle into your beautiful vacation rental property.


Ask if your vacation rental has a washer and dryer. If so, you can get away with less clothing. But be sure to pack for any weather so you can make the most of even the rainiest--or snowiest!--days.

Towels and Linens

Some properties provide these items, and in most cases you can rent them. Check with your rental coordinator to see if you need to bring your own pillows. Consider packing some extra blankets, too.

Paper Products

Guests typically provide their own bathroom tissue, napkains and other paper products.

Cleaning Products

You should expect your vacation rental to be meticulously clean when you arrive. However, many owners leave a selection of products guests can use for light cleaning during their stay. To be safe, bring basics such as a sponge or dish cloth, dish detergent and an all-purpose spray cleaner.

Kitchen Equipment

Your kitchen should be fully stocked for meal preparation and service for your vacation rental's maximum occupancy. However, if you have favorite equipment that you use frequently at home--a large cutting board, for example, or an extra-sharp chef's knife--you'll appreciate having it in your vacation  home, too.


Pack perishable food in plenty of ice in case you get stuck in traffic. Many guests pack a couple of frozen cooked-ahead meals and a few days' worth of fresh groceries, and then purchase the rest locally after they've settled in and considered how frequently they'll eat in.

Outdoor Equipment

Contact your Rental Coordinator to learn what kind of storage is available for beach chairs, bicycles, ski equipment and the like.


Consider sharing electronic devices such as laptops and tablets to reduce the amount of gear you need to bring. Unless your property specifically offers Internet service, consider bringing your own hotspot.

Some of our regular guests keep a storage container packed with essentials such as linens, kitchen gadgets, paper products, toiletries and other items they routinely pack for vacations. This "go" bin reduces the risk of forgetting something important and makes packing go faster.

Our Long & Foster Vacation Rental Coordinators are happy to advise you on what to bring, based on your destination and your property's unique amenities. Call 800-226-8095 today!

Photo credit: Image by Sohum, some rights reserved

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